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Financial Assistance

As part of our program offer­ings, a financial assistance and scholarship program has been established to allow access for families that otherwise would not be able to participate in our youth programs.

Eligibility: To be eligible for The PAC Financial Assistance Scholarship Program your child/family must meet the following requirements:  

1. Currently receiving assistance from one or more of the following:  free or reduced lunch or some other form of state assistance; and 2. You are willing to commit to regular use of the facility. Regular use of the facility on a monthly basis must be adhered to or funding will be discontinued.  Requests that fall outside of these criteria will be reviewed and considered on a case-by-case basis.

Financial Assistance: Financial assistance is distributed on a “first-come, first-served” basis and is subject to the availability of funds. The PAC reserves the right to determine eligibility priority (i.e. written recommen­dations by school officials, social workers, etc.) and will be based on verified financial need. Financial assis­tance is awarded based on the applicant’s demonstrated need and available funds. Family income and the eligibility factors listed above will be the determining factor whether or not you will be eligible for full or partial assistance. Scholarships may be revoked at any time at the sole discretion of The PAC Board of Directors. The PAC reserves the right to alter scholarship eligibility criteria and award amounts based on available funding.

Applying: If you meet the eligibility guidelines outlined above, please fill out the application on the back. Applications must be submitted by the legal parent/guardian of the child. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applicants will be required to provide proof of state assistance, copy of driver’s license and a letter explaining your need for financial assistance. Financial assistance may be applied to one or more programs throughout any given year. We will provide a maximum financial assistance of $1,000.00 per year, per family. Applicants will be required to submit a new application on a yearly basis. Please return all applications to Youth Sports of Chehalis - Attn: Gretchen Moore P.O. Box 1404 Chehalis, WA 98532.

Approval: Once the completed application and proof of eligibility is received, you will receive a written noti­fication within 10 business days of the application date. Notification letters will include an approval for finan­cial assistance (with amount), or a denial of financial assistance and for what reason. The PAC reserves all rights to determine program eligibility.

Approval of the PAC Scholarship Program does not enroll the participant in the athletic programs being offered. Upon approval, the child will need to register for the program(s) of their choice.  

Please contact Gretchen Moore for registration details (360) 508-0557 or via email at

Phone: (360) 508-0557    Email:     Address: 2091 Jackson Hwy. Chehalis, WA 98532

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